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Tuesday, 26-Jun-2007 12:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Macaron Craze

my tak jadik macarons
no skirt no feet macarons
perfect macarons by helena
All of a sudden, after being given a link by Sj.... mama goes gugu gaga over this wonderful, sweet looking pastries... MACARONS...

The pictures that I browses thru really make me set my mind to bake it... and I did it last Saturday.. hahaha.. easier reading than baking it.. muahahaha . My first batch was a dissaster... instead of pink (mama add some pink karer) my macarons went black.. hahahaha... but crunchy youu . The second tray, goes flat as though it was being flattened by the bulldozer... . So mama starts reading again.. read and read and read... Heiii.. how come I cannot get the feet to come out.. how come my macarons does not have the shining tops... ??? why? why? why? Read some more mama...And last night I tried again.. and well, it was better that the first try.. but I still could not get the feet/frills and the tops is not shining as it should be... (that's what I saw in all the macarons pictures )

Oooo Oh... banyak nya kerenah nak buat macarons ni.. but.. I'll keep on trying it.. definitley i will do it until I get the results as preety as the one shown in the internet. But the question is .. WHEN??????? Soon I hope.. coz I am really crazy about this macarons.. I love the taste of it, even it is a little bit too sweet.. but when mama sandwiched some icecream... fuuuuhhhh... it really makes me drool..

here are some links on macarons...,

pictures from

pictures from



RosLeenda - hehehe.. ni time rajin laa... kalau time malas.. wakaka...

Boxhousestudio - Memang macaron tu berseri.. hehehe.. mama tak

MakLang - Sedap maklang.. tapi kalau orang ada kencing manis.. jgn marah mama plak.. hehehe...dia tak mcm scone tapi mcm makan candy floss... hehehehe cair dimulut.. cuma ni ada rasa-rasa kekacang dan perisa....

Cek de Sam - Yepp.. dia cam biskut.. Femes kat Paris.. manis.. tapi sedapp.. pada tekak mama laaa.. dan comeiiiiiiiiiiii...

Hajar - Memang comei... dan rasanya .. melt in ur mouth.. sweet but nice....tapi bila dah blen ngan kacang.. atau eskrim tu.. tak rasa sangat manisnya

MamaFaMi - Jom arr buat... kasik angin itu toloq sampai 8 jam...

Rinnchan - Ni yang mama suka kat Rinn... Rinn cuba ekk.. pastu Rinn pas kat mama plak... hahaha.. and yeppp anak2 mama sukaaaaaaaaa

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