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Wednesday, 7-Feb-2007 14:32 Email | Share | Bookmark
Sausage Roll with Breadcrumb

Breadcrumb Rolls
selepas digoreng - gelap skit ekkk
After getting the Breadmaker and first attempt to make a bread which failed miserably...... muahahahaha... I decided to make the sausage roll instead using Gardenia Bread.. hehehehe...

Actually I got this recipe when I attended a class by Chef Faisal Ng about 10 years ago. Ever since I have always done it on and off and frozen it for my kids. But the sausage roll was again being promoted by frens in Resipidotet who went to a Breadmaking course at Institut Pertanian Serdang. The only difference between what Chef Faisal taught me was we do not have to steamed the bread first, but at IPS they weere asked to steamed the bread first as to soften it.

Being someone who is very very RAJINNNN hahaha.. mama followed Chef Faisal's instruction. I used Gardenia loaf and just cut off the hard edges... just a little bit off the hardest part. Apart from that I would use the whole piece. I rolled it with my heavy rolling pin to flattened the bread and then wrapped the sausage. After that, dipped the bread into beaten eggs with a little bit of salt and rolled it onto the breadcrumb.

Then, it is either you fry it.. or you keep it frozen until it is time to fry and eat it...

During the kenduri at my in-laws house recently, Mama made lots and lots of this...for supper.. hehehehe

Gebang-gebang yokkkk!!
Jeff - Kalau setakat yang simple-simple gini boleh laa mama buat.. hehehe.. kalau nak lagi sedap dan best.. pastinya FP Kak Liza dan MamaFaMi.. hehehe

Kak Liza - Memang sedap kak liza... Jual memang laku ni.. hehehehe.. tapi saya jual kat umah jerr.. kat anak-anak.. hahaha

MamaFaMi - Sabau ekk.. sabau.. Ni dugaannnnnnn tekak dan peruttt....... hahahaha...

Ezah - Mama memang selalu buat... kekadang tu tak sempat frozen pun kalau setakat sebungkus 10 keping sosej tu.. hehehehe

Diyana - Ishhhh.. jgn rebut-rebut.. buat banyak-banyak.... jadik tak berebut.. hehehe... pasl PM tu.. alahaii.. no problemmm .. mana sempat mama jawab.. insyaAllah

RaqynRafiqin - Ni sorang lagi berebut ngan hasben.. muahahaha... nanti mama buatkan lelebih laa tak payah berebut.. hehehe... Salam Perkenalan juga buat mu...

Mama Muhammad - Bolehhhh sajaaa... memang sedappp ....Alhamdulillah selamat kembali dari menunaikan umrah ekkk...

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